Gospel Readings with Homily - Year B / 2017 - 2018
2nd Sunday of Advent
2nd Sunday of Easter
16th Ordinary Sunday
3rd Sunday of Advent
3rd Sunday of Easter
17th Ordinary Sunday
The Holy Family
4th Sunday of Easter
5th Sunday of Easter
2nd Ordinary Sunday
7th Sunday of Easter
3rd Ordinary Sunday
Pentecost Sunday
4th Ordinary Sunday
Holy Trinity Sunday
5th Ordinary Sunday
Corpus Christi Sunday
1st Sunday of Lent
10th Ordinary Sunday
3rd Sunday of Lent
11th Ordinary Sunday
Holy Thursday
St. John the Baptist
Good Friday Reflections
13th Ordinary Sunday
Easter Vigil
14th Ordinary Sunday
15th Ordinary Sunday

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- Depending on the configuration of your browser you may need to allow blocked content in order to play the audio file.
- Unfortunately we are not able to provide hard copy transcriptions or download the content to CDs.

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